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Zero Second Security Services

In today's world, which has to rapidly digitize, it has become inevitable for institutions to become uncertain about cyber security. Especially in this period, with the attacks that hit the target from 12, institutions not only lose money and customers, but also try to compensate for the damage they have seen in the corporate reputation they have created with their efforts.

Security Consulting

We analyze the list of products (brand, model, version) in the current structure and where they are located in the topology. In order to ensure that the invested products are used effectively, we design a new topology according to the product capabilities.

According to this design, if there are institutions that have already received service, we plan their time and carry out the project management in order to put the correct topology design "live". After the right design, we provide periodic service for the configuration and editing updates of all products, regardless of the brand.

Sustainable Support

We provide service with our 20 years of experience in different sectors and different network structures, in addition to this, with a team of strong communication who have completed their professional training and certification.

Within the scope of the service and support we provide on a 24/7 basis, it is aimed to increase the comfort of institutions. In addition, we are starting to introduce our corporate culture from the ground up with the new team members we add to our team periodically. Thus, we guarantee the quality of service we provide.


Sales and Project Management

Our sales engineers, who are aware of the sensitivity created by technology trends and new attack types, first consult with each other according to the needs of the institution. After the demo, the right kit-list study is carried out by making appropriate and accurate measurements within the determined scope: In this context, the delivery processes of the product are completed with our manufacturers in line with our expertise and certifications. It is based on the completion of the integration of the project in a short time with our experts working according to the "Turnkey Project" approach. It seems that the delivery of the key of the project to the institution is the absolute duty of the project manager. The problems that may arise in this context are kept under control at first hand. Thus, late project deliveries caused by the intensity of the institutions are prevented.

Cyber Security Analysis

With cyber security analysis, we X-ray the security risks of your system and evaluate it according to the sectoral and special needs of your institution. After the big picture emerges, we prioritize according to risk scores.


Installation and Configuration

Institutions may have to purchase projects from companies with limited expertise due to important reasons. In such cases, we provide fast and result-oriented installation and configuration services to the institution with our expert team.

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