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August 2022

Attackers Hide Viruses in Google Ads

Hackers have started to use Google Ads more effectively for malicious purposes. While they search for reputable software products or other tools, they use ads to spread malware to unsuspecting users.

Threat actors clone the official websites of companies that produce computer programs, and when users click the download button, malicious versions of the software are distributed to the user.

When we try to download the program we need on the sites, if we click on the advertisement written "Download" at the top, we download the malware to our machine. With this method, end users become victims of cyber attacks. These attacks take place by hiding the download link of the malware behind the offensive advertisements.

Some of the measures we need to take to protect ourselves from such attacks are;

  • Up-to-date and advanced security products should be used on end users' machines.

  • Sites with unreliable sources should not be opened.

  • Advertisements on sites with unreliable sources should not be taken into account.

  • End users should be informed and regular cyber security trainings should be given.

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