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August 2022

Risks of Google's New .zip and .mov Domains

In early May, Google released eight new domains such as .com or .uk. Although these domains may seem harmless, .zip and .mov domains, to name a few, can be very useful for online scams such as phishing attacks.

The reason for this is that one is used in data compression and the other is the extension of video format files developed by Apple. The concern that is already taking effect is that URLs masquerading as filenames will open up even more possibilities for digital scams like phishing, for web users to click on malicious links pretending to be something legitimate. Scammers can buy a url with these common file extensions .zip and .mov, and users who enter their site thinking it's an app can automatically connect to a malicious website.

Bu tip saldırılardan korunmak için almamız gereken tedbirlerin bazıları;

  • Sisteminizde her zaman en güncel güvenlik önlemleri kullanmalıdır,

  • Son kullanıcılar gelişen atak türlerine göre eğitilmelidir,

  • Sisteminiz değişen atak türlerine göre geliştirilmelidir.

  • Tüm sistem ve güvenlik ürünlerinizin doğru bir şekilde yedeklenmesine önem verip, belirli aralıklarla yedekten dönme testleri yapılmalıdır.


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