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August 2022

LibreOffice Releases Software Update for Patch 3 New Vulnerabilities

LibreOffice is office software with a powerful and clean visual design. Developed as free and open source, LibreOffice includes all office software and aims to provide users with the best office experience, both free and free.

With the statement made by the LibreOffice teams in the past days, security updates on the software side are mentioned. These security vulnerabilities were identified as CVE-2022-26305, which was stated to be related to the use of software-side vulnerabilities and to run arbitrary code, and it was stated that this finding was related to the system that checks whether the certificate is trustworthy during the operation of a software.

The bug, tracked as CVE-2022-26305, has been identified as a case of incorrect certificate validation that results in the execution of pseudocode packaged within macros when checking if a macro is signed by a trusted author.

Precautions to be taken in order to be protected from such attacks;

  • Make regular updates of such applications,

  • Change your passwords and do not use the same passwords,

  • Make sure you have installed the trusted certificate,

  • Do not download files from unsafe links,

  • Provide awareness training to users,

  • Never click on unverified links on the Internet.


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